Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hey family! 

So this week we set 2 more baptism dates! Its crazy! So we have 4 now. We are teaching a lot. Saturday and Sunday night kinda sucked because every block had a party and there was drunk Mexicans everywhere asking us to say prayers with them. Pretty classic but we couldn’t find anyone that wanted to talk. Too many parties with jumpers its crazy like every street, blasting Mexican music. I guess for Dia de el Padre. (Father’s day)

So on Tuesday I went to North El Monte on exchanges and in the morning we did Zumba with the west elders. If you don’t know what zumba is look it up, it was soo funny. We were dancing with a bunch of fat Mexican moms and old Asian ladies. It was a "finding activity" I guess but we were dancing and working out. We were the only boys and white people. It was like Mexican music and that gangnam style song and stuff. It Felt super weird but pretty fun I guess. I wish I filmed it, you'd cry laughing. North El Monte is nicer, alot of Asians. It is harder to find Spanish people so we drove around alot looking. I am glad my area is all Spanish, its sweet.

Wednesday we went to this burger place called Bills just off Santa Anita I think or valley maybe on maxon. It was super good only dollar burgers and they’re huge. I wonder If Rich knows it?

My Spanish is slowly improving still and I am starting to be able to have normal conversations with people instead of just gospel stuff, its hard though. Especially because I am not just thrown into it. We teach in English sometimes and with other elders. Its not completely Mexico.

We are really focusing on getting our investigators to do 3 things: pray, read the book of Mormon and come to church. That’s what you need to do to gain and strengthen your testimony. If you don’t do that then you can lose your testimony so easy, it is scary, it has happened to lots of less actives we teach. We taught one guy the plan of salvation yesterday and he started crying after a bit because he had forgotten everything and felt so bad but was so happy we came by for him. I couldn't tell if he was sad or happy? 

We played soccer on Saturday for a ward activity it was super fun, the locals are so good at it. It was hot, I soaked myself in the water fountain. 
Yesterday we had lots of investigators come to church so we were very happy about that.

Thanks for the pictures! Looks like Gav is loving my shirts. He has some sick vans on and those stance socks. The Mexican kids wear them here too. Everyday we get a comment about how nice our bikes are or if we want to trade. I did a 180 on my rode bike, probably a bad idea because it could break, I am not gonna do it again. 

I got the 2 packages! Thank you so much, the basketball hoop is sweet and I have soo much candy now! I am never hungry because we have so many beans and tortillas. 

Anyways I hope you get my memory card soon! I sent it last Monday.

Love Elder Garry!

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