Monday, June 03, 2013

Monday May 28, 2013

Hey guys! I didn’t even realize you are in NY with Aaron. Are you still there? Sounds fun. I got your package last Monday, thank you! I already ate all the candy. I love the pants too and thanks for all the letters! The brown pants are the sickest! So I am on Maxson street off Magnolia 2837 I think. Mom, aunt Nancy said you were going to send me pen refills, do you know anything about that? 

Anyways I forgot to write in my last e-mail, I had my first baptism just this last Sunday! I would send pictures but I forgot my cord. Her name is Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo (no joke) she’s 9, from a returning less active member family. My companion baptized her. Spanish wards still feel weird, its alot different then white wards. The singing is horrible and everyone always hugs each other, I love it. 

So last week we were teaching an investigator with the English elders, passing him off, on his front lawn. The lesson went really well and during the closing prayer one of the English elders (the fat one) stood up and puked 3 times all over the lawn. Then turns around and says I am so sorry, than pukes all over his shoes and pants. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Then the dog started licking it all up as he was puking. He is brand new so I felt bad but the investigator didn't really care, it was more of a dirt and weed lawn. It was so funny, me and Elder Morell were laughing so hard. 

I also had my first bike wipeout, ripped my pants a bit, I was being dumb riding no hands and stuck my foot out on the tire to stop and feel. I still have my bad BMX habits of thinking I have no brakes. I am all good, it wasn’t that bad. 

I think I have taught like 35 lessons so far, it is awesome how much we teach here. If I humble myself enough I can see God help me speak Spanish in lessons it kinda freaks me out!

I am slowly getting better, still some frustrating days. Some people are so hard to understand. The food is so good, so many tortillas, beans rice and meet or pig feet. My companion eats so much and always makes me look bad. 

I love it here, we play bball in the mornings outside sometimes for workouts, the weather is super nice! I got 3 ties yesterday, these sick old school ones I bet Gav would like, 1$ each. Everything is so cheap! I never see white people either, we have a really populated Mexican area, it is pretty much Mexico, there is always parties and Mexican music and jumpers for the kids, its so funny. 

I love how close I am with to the spirit, each day my love for Christ grows. I wish I had more time to explain how much happiness it brings. All the Mexicans always ask why the white people with ties and bikes are so happy. 

Sounds like everything is going well at home, summer is soon. Mom, hopefully you will get my letter for your birthday in time! Have you got any other letters I sent from the MTC? 

Talk to you soon, Love you all!!
Love Elder Garry!

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