Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday June 10, 2013

Hey family! Good to hear from you! Sounds like Aidan is killing it in Basketball, I remember the tournaments I had in Lethbridge, they were soo fun, don’t worry we lost too I think. The only big tournament we won was provincials in Saskatchewan a long time ago. 

This week was crazy. Super good, we set 2 baptismal dates, taught 17 lessons and got 7 new investigators! That’s super good, the standard of excellence here is 3 new investigators a week. We are always teaching, rarely do we tract, its awesome. I counted the lessons I taught, so far its 70.  It doesn’t feel like that but it is. That’s including less actives. Yesterday was my first stake conference in Spanish, this mission has 2 Spanish stakes its crazy! I think we are the only mission that does. My Spanish is getting better too.  Each week gets a bit easier and not as frustrating. 

My funny story for the week:  all the pipes in our complex backed up and so crap and junk came up through the tub and toilet all over the floor and even a bit on the carpet, it was so gross, we came home for language study and lunch at 1:00 and it smelt so bad. It’s all good now, our place is pretty old and ghetto. I took a video of it that I will send today, my memory card. Yeah so there was crap all in the tub and floor, classic El Monte. But don’t worry nothing got wrecked. 

I went on exchanges with my district leader to El Monte north, their place is so nice, they have a pool. We taught a part member family the restoration and it was an incredible lesson. I new exactly what to say and bore testimony of it and we committed him to a baptismal date in July. He said yes and offered the closing prayer and started bawling. The spirit was so strong and he knew what he was doing was right, that family will be so blessed. I wish I could share the full story but the point is it wasn’t me it was all the spirit and I don’t know what we said, but I felt the spirit soo strong in the closing prayer. 

We are also teaching a few guys my age, they are super fun to teach. I didn’t get to do that in Vancouver because it was for the singles ward. I am so blessed in this mission to be teaching so many people, I guess I am in one of the best areas for Spanish. 

Sounds like the rain stopped there maybe? I saw a picture of gav on our mini ramp, looks like its fun. When do Aidan and Aaron finish school? 

Well I think that’s all I have to say, it is sweet how I am more happy then frustrated, the language is hard its only been 4 weeks, with time I will get it and speak my mind. 

Love Elder Garry!

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