Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quick Update

Update on Josh (Feb 22):

From Sis. Holly Tilleman:

Feb 21:
Your son is so wonderful!  We loved meeting him yesterday.  I was amazed at how he looks like both of you!
He has a great spirit about him and he seems really excited to get to work.  We got to spend some time with him in the mission home and then he went right to work with the Assistants.
He goes to his new area this morning.   Pres. Tilleman will go out and teach with him at some appointments . . . 

Feb 22:
He is serving in Brookswood, in the Abbotsford zone, a lovely suburb of Vancouver (about an hour and a half from Vancouver).  My husband went to a teaching appointment last night with him.  He said Elder Garry did a great job testifying of truth!  He was really impressed with him!
He is going to be a fantastic missionary. .

And I just have to add this photo for old time's sake.  Some of us will remember well Josh's current (albeit temporary) mission president from many years ago:

And a more recent photo:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Mission Begins

Elder Josh Garry
Vancouver Canada Mission (temporarily)

Josh departed from Calgary Wednesday evening, Feb 20, for the Vancouver Canada Mission.  His visa has been delayed and he is unable to enter the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT until it shows up.  Fortunately, Karl Tilleman is serving as President of the Vancouver mission.  I sent an email to Holly Tilleman to see if we could have Josh spend time there while he waits.  We know of others who are serving in the Calgary Canada mission while they wait for their visas.  I think the Calgary mission is a bit crowded.

We are thrilled that Josh is able to spend time with the Tilleman's in Vancouver.  Spencer Steele entered the MTC the same day (Feb 20) and will be joining Josh in only two weeks.  It'll be great if they get to serve in the same area.

Holly was kind enough to send us a photo of Josh at the mission home in Vancouver:

President Tilleman served his mission in the California Arcadia Mission, also Spanish speaking.  He said he would sit down and give Josh some good insight to the mission where he will eventually serve.

We don't know when we will get to hear from Josh but we're eager to find out where he is and how he's adjusting.  Fun times for everyone, if a little difficult for his parents realizing that a young man is now grown up.