Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday May 20, 2013
Hey family!  I’m not sure if you have been getting my letters?  I mailed one as soon as I got to the mission home.
It was great to talk to you on the phone at the airport.  After we talked we went and got McDonalds breakfast which was suppper good, I was so sick of MTC food. Then we went back to our gate and I tried calling dad but my card was out of money. I was pretty bummed I didn’t get to talk to him. 

We had a short flight and landed in Cali. California drivers are crazy!! We drove past like 3 in- n- outs on our way to the mission home. There is 4 of us new Spanish speaking, 2 are already fluent. There were 19 of us total! A big group that came in. We took pictures with the mission president and I got my bike which is super sick, it’s like a road bike. My companions name is Elder Morell from Texas. He’s super sweet, he had a full ride scholarship to Wyoming for football but came on a mission. I like him alot. My area is El Monte south, which is pretty much Mexico. I never see white people. Not gonna lie its pretty ghetto. Our apartment is super tiny, way smaller then mom and dads room. There are cockroaches but it’s all good. Apparently there is a problem with bed bugs in the mission which isn’t good. There’s a bunch of like x gang members that live all around us in our apartments with their parole straps around their ankles its pretty funny. At first I was scared but they love missionaries, no one ever messes with us. 

So Tuesday night I didn’t even unpack we went straight to a less actives houses to teach and eat, all Spanish. It was the smallest house I’ve been in, about half the size of Seth’s cabin. I can barely understand anyone haha this is fore sure the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. The weather is super nice though. And it’s crazy, you drive 2 miles and there is really nice houses.  Right now we are at the Arcadia library. Mom you can send letters and packages to the mission office, we go their every p-day.

We’ve taught so many lessons, it’s so different than Vancouver. People always want to talk, we have so many investigators, it’s hard to choose who is worth keeping. And sooo many people. So in our district there are 8 of us, and we are all in the same ward. It’s so different. The Spanish ward was crazy too, I am no where close to knowing Spanish, its frustrating most of the time, but I just need to be patient and try. The people are sooo nice. On Saturday we had 3 dinners. We would just be riding our bikes (I am on a bike everyday, I love it) and people would say hey come here, we have food! It was weird, there was so many parties on ever block with Mexican music and those blow up jumpers for kids everywhere. I am legit in Mexico!! 

I need to get use to the heat and just sleep with a sheet and the fan, no AC. 
I could go on forever talking about it. I can talk a little bit to people I will share my testimony, a few lessons and a bit of small talk. My trainer didn’t know Spanish very well when he first got here so he helps alot. 

Pres. Becerra is Awesome! He totally knows the Pilling’s! He was sad when they left because they were a strong family in the stake. I wish I had taken pictures for you, I will for next week! It’s definitely a culture shock being here, so many people and single mothers with like 7 kids in a tiny little house. Right now the biggest thing we are doing is trying to get investigators to go to church.

Thanks for all the pictures and email’s! It always helps. Whenever I get really frustrated or sad I just think of you guys and what you’ve said or that you are praying for me. It helps. I’ve never had to be so humble or rely on the lord so much. God has really prepared me for this over the past few months.  

I am looking forward to getting your package mom!! I think I will get it today! Send  reisens or smarties and candy too! Mail it to the mission office. I hope you don’t have any more questions! Talk to you later!
Love you all!

Oh yeah ps. Wednesday we did a zone fast, which was tough I didn’t have to do it but I knew it would help me. After we had in-n-out it was so good! Then we had another dinner appointment, haha don’t worry, I wont get fat! 

PPS. Tuesday was the longest day of my life, 4:00am to10:30pm travelling to California and then going back 1 hour.

Love Elder Garry

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