Monday, April 01, 2013

Josh's e-mail March 18, 2013

This week was a bit slow because we did so many days of tracting, for hours, or street contacting.  My communication with people is increasing so much. We taught the first lesson yesterday to two of our new investigators. It was awesome. I tracked into a guy who is going to Maui yesterday and told him not to get mad at 3 boys going crazy in the ocean.

Sundays are long because we don’t eat lunch, church is at 11 then dinner at 5 so we are out for so long.  I get to see the temple all the time, which is cool.

This Thursday is zone conference with The president. I am kind of nervous for it because he calls on missionaries randomly to teach principles. I’ll see Spencer there though! And I should get my package then! I gave you my address.

This week I learned how over-blessed my life has been.  Family, sports, boating, snowboarding, Canada, brother’s, friends, the gospel. From day to day I see so many different people and families. The good, the bad, the hard. I met people from Afghanistan. People work all day and come home and sleep with barely any money. I am sure I will see it even more in California. There is a less active in our ward from Europe that we are teaching, he hasn’t seen his wife in 9 years and he is trying so hard to get her to Canada.  One of our investigators wife ran off on him with another man to New York leaving him with 3 kids. It’s awful and makes me so sad.  But I love them so much. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life I’d be lost without it, it is the biggest blessing.  We have soooo much, more then we need.  Our lives haven’t been hard, this mission feels like the least I can do for the Lord.

Hey mom and dad do you know Jamie Vermeeren?  He said he knows you guys and I’ve seen him twice at church.  He’s from the high council in Abbotsford. 

Hopefully on of these pdays I can go skateboarding, the parks here are sick.  Everyday I drive by the dirt jumps, it’s hard. and I am starting to miss music. Gav we totally gotta come here.

Tell me all about Maui! Get skim boards! I am jealous, wish I was there but at least I’ve been there before with you guys, more than enough times.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month!! Time is flying. I have barely bought any food because the members give us so much.  I skip rope every morning and run with my companion sometimes.  Its annoying because he runs slow and I have to stay close so I run back and forth to stay by him.  Being with someone all the time is the toughest for me. It can be frustrating but I need to get used to it. I need to study Spanish more too probably.

Anyways I loved hearing from you guys. Have a sick time this week, hopefully its good weather!

Love Josh!

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