Sunday, April 07, 2013

Letter home, April 6:

Hey guys! I loved all the pictures! And the emails! I was so glad to talk to you in the airport and see all the cousins! I was super surprised! I got the dear elder packages! Soooo much candy - take it easy with the packages I am gonna get fat! 

The first night was super weird here, they don't really have any activities for early elders and sisters. So we went to a devotional and then they're like go chill but you cant unpack because its a temporary room. So we did that (nothing) for 2.5 hours.  It felt so weird to not have anything to do. We just walked around the MTC.  I had 3 roommates for that night, from Brazil, Australia, and California! Its super diverse here.

Eventually I got my district and my companion and room. It took so long I thought you jumped right into things in the mtc but we had so many orientations on things like how to wash your hands and stuff, I just wanted to start.  My companion is from Rigby Idaho right by Rexburg, Elder Clark.  He's sweet because he's not an oddball like everyone else here from Utah.  He hunts and fishes and stuff! There are 6 of us in our room, its really crowded. But the showers are never busy! I have gym time sometimes right after breakfast so we just shower later and there's no one here. All my roommates seem sweet, its our district along with 4 sisters (harmamas) or however you spell it. I am the district leader! Which is sweet! I got called by the branch president. Our zone has 3 districts all on our floor, soon to be 4 and they're all crazy! They come in our room all the time! I saw Jordan Lamb from Lethbridge and Ryan payne from BYUi! Which was sweet - I gotta get pictures with them! 

Spanish is hard! I can testify and pray now though! (if i can look down at my sheet sometimes) But we've only had 2 maybe 3 legit spanish lessons. And each companionship had to teach our "investigator" last night, all in spanish.  It was the most frustrating thing ever, I don't get how they expect us to do it. I pretty much had to read my notes and had no idea what he said. Everyone said how their's went pretty well and even my companion did but I thought it was terrible.  I think that's because I am so used to teaching real lessons. I wanted to say so much but you can't in English, i felt soo dumb. Hopefully I get it soon though, its frustrating.

The MTC isn't bad, just weird so far like it doesn't even feel like I am in Utah. I thought it would be bigger. It hasn't been hard, like the way of life. I am so glad I went to Vancouver before - I can focus so well and the time passes quickly. We have sometimes two 3 hour classes a day plus personal studies and work shops. There is so much time for personal study its awesome! 

I had to get up at 5:45 today so I could do laundry and email! Its so busy here. Apparently its going from 3500 people to 8000-9000 by fall, its insane. They are putting the other 3000 in other places and bus them here or they will go to BYU or something i don't know yet. It feels so good to write everything to you guys.  Sorry its so much.

Anyways talk to you guys soon! I want to hear from Aidan and Aaron!! My P-day is on Friday so that's when I will email next!

Bye love you guys!

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