Friday, April 26, 2013

Highlights from Josh's April 26th email.

April 26, 2013

Hey family! I finally got your package this week.  Thank you so much, I loved the spits!

This had been my fastest week.  It feels like it was pday yesterday its crazy! Me and my companion got so sick of our room, it was sooo stuffy and we kept getting sick,  it’s the worst smelling room I’ve ever been in. It doesn’t make sense because there is 3 open rooms beside us, we asked to move so now Elder Clark and I have our own room, its sick!

I don’t even know where to start this week. How about the fire! So we came back from gym on Wednesday just after lunch and I was getting dressed while my district was showering, so I went to go get a Gatorade and in the vending room it smelt like burnt pizza pops and I was like this is normal. I went back to my room and 5 mins later the fire alarm goes off and at first I was like wow probably just smoke. I go look down the opposite hall and its full of so much smoke like a thick midst. I ran into the bathroom to tell my whole district how legit it was! We all ran out, some in towels and shaving cream on their faces. Someone in my district grabbed his whole suitcase. The MTC staff was freaking out a bit, I guess the microwave was on fire or something. Some fire trucks came and everything was alright. They just had to bring in a giant fan to suck all the smoke out. Pretty funny though.

Yesterday we did an English fast, our district tried to speak in Spanish only. I only lasted until like dinner before I got frustrated enough to speak English but it was good practice. We have taught way better lessons this week, I can see my Spanish improving. Every Tuesday we teach members, almost like home teaching, in Spanish. Then our "investigators" each day. But it feels real, the spirit is always super strong.

We’ve also learned about testimony and conversion. I am learning so much about Christ, I want him to be a huge part of my life in what I do. I know you guys do. I would encourage Gav and Aidan to ask themselves how they pray, and if they realize that they are literally talking to God. Also,  how God can give you answers if you let him.  I new this all my life but at the same time I didn’t. It is very real. Super crazy.

Tell Aaron my favorite meal in the MTC so far has been mashed potatoes and Malibu chicken burgers. But it’s really the temple that has the best food, salmon.  Miss you Aaron! The picture you sent me of general conference is hanging in my room, It’s awesome!
I am so glad you love hearing from each week.  It is so sweet having such a loving supporting family! Miss you!

Love Elder Garry

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