Monday, April 01, 2013

Josh's Email March 25, 2013

Hey family! 

I love all the pictures you sent, looks like you guys are having an unreal time! Enjoy it! Its been super nice here this week, so pretty, you can see the mountains so well and it is so green!

This week we finally had a bunch of lessons, alot on the restoration. We are teaching a girl from Sudan a quadriplegic, an idian and another guy! Its pretty awesome especially when you know they can feel the spirit! We can’t get anyone to church though, they’re so busy and they don’t always keep commitments, but we are being patient. I set a goal to set a baptismal date with someone before I go to the MTC, that be sick!

Thursday was zone conference from 7:45 to 4:45 it was insanely long but it was super good. President Tilleman is the man! He is so powerful and makes it so interesting. I got to be with spencer the whole time! This Thursday night and Friday is our exchange! In the middle of zone conference we got to move all the wood out of the temple in the celestial room, like 20 missionaries. Pretty cool. The spirit was so strong in zone conference. At the end Spence and I got to bear our testimonies! I felt so good about mine, it’s getting stronger and I know how real this work is and how real Heavenly Father is. After words pres Tilleman was like “you don’t even need to go to the MTC”, he said that right there haha then he said he was going to call president Beccra and shorten my time but  we will see what happens because I still need to learn Spanish. He’s like “I’ll teach it to you in a morning.” haha

Anyways that night I went on exchanges with the district leader, we went to a restaurant then taught a lesson and committed a guy to the W of W it was super sweet! I feel like a missionary now, I can teach!

I don’t know what else to say! I loved the package you sent!

I guess there is so much more that happened but it would take me forever to say everything every day.  I see you saw my friend Kelsie in Maui, thanks for the picture.  Keep having a sweet time in Maui and doing backflips and stuff!

Hopefully we can find more people to teach! Looking forward to hearing from you again! Ill write some letters and tell you guys what I eat and do each day! I heard you were interested! When do you guys come home?

I’ll send my memory card home I only have like 35 pics I guess not too much, I am going to take a bunch with Spencer on Thursday.

Bye family Love you!!

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