Friday, March 08, 2013

March 4th Letter from Elder Garry, here are some highlights:

Hey guys! This week has actually gone by pretty fast! I am so glad to hear from you and read so many emails!
Mom are you going to send the pictures I wanted off the computer? I forgot to say last week I am so glad Dad lended me his tags because they had a crappy one for me they hand wrote it.  Everyone can tell the ones I am wearing are old school its pretty funny.
Do I get a spanish preach my gospel in the MTC? Or do I need one before? I think they might give me it there.
I also forgot last week to tell you I placed my first book of Mormon to some dude at the bus stop who claims he is "3 months sober" from meth. He was a bit freaky but the Zone leader said to do it because he was interested.
Anyways this week we have been working with alot of less active members.  We dont have any batismal dates or new invesigators, it kind of sucks.  We played Hockey last PDay and everyone was asking why I was so good haha, I guess because I am canadian. It was super fun though.  We also went down to the border "boonie tracting" I took some pictures there.  The road is litteraly on the boarder and there is a fence in the trees.  Every house there has huge dogs.  There is alot of acreages in my area as well as houses and appartments so its nice to get a mix when tracting.
When we plan each night sometimes we get way off topic for a while and it turns into a nerf gun war or bugging elder Hawkinson, I guess becasue we are in a tri.  But we are still working hard.
Today so far has been cool, we got to move a bunch of ply wood into the celesial room at the temple! They are fixing the ceiling or something.  We are going to play hockey after this too, should be sick.  It has been raining all week untill yesterday and today.  it is so nice today, clear skies and sunny.  You could see Mt. Baker in the US.  It feels like summer.  Its green and we aren't wearing suit jackets.  I cant wait for that in California!
I was suppose to go to out with the spanish Elders on splits yestersday but they got sick.  I think it would be a bit scary, I dont know any spanish!
The members have been so good to us, we have been fed every night and I havent had one bad meal or a meal I didn't like.  I have forced myself to like salad.  In the mornings I have egos, bacon, pancakes or egg mcmuffins.  Lunch we have chicken nuggests or burgers or burritos.  The members give us so much food. 
My spelling probably sucks in this letter but it is because I am typing so fast.  This hour goes so fast.  I still need to email my mission president.
My testimony is growing alot.  I am so grateful  for my knowledge of the plan of salvation.  And this week  I am becoming so much more greatful for the Atonement.  It's crazy I am going to do this in spanish soon!
This week I probably could improve on practicing spanish more and making less fun of my companion Elder Hawkinson.  He is 24 its crazy. He graduated in 2007 but I still feel like he is my age.
I work out each morning with Elder Hawkinson and skip rope because we do not want to get fat.  There is too many missionaries I have seen that are fat. Anyways I am looking forward to the package Mom!
I like email but I think it is also nice to get hand written letters sometimes.  That way I can write more too!
Love you guys! Talk to you next week!

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