Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Visa has Arrived!

We found out yesterday that Josh's visa has arrived.  Travel arrangements have been made and he's heading to the MTC in Provo on Apr 3.  I know he is hoping to run into Spencer before he's shipped out.

We also received a postcard - the one he was supposed to send the day he arrived.  Photo below.  He mentions on the back, having been in the Vancouver area for a whole week, that Vancouver looks nothing like the picture.  "It rains all the time here. . ."

His "P-day" is Monday and he usually has about an hour to read our email messages and respond.  Not a lot of time it seems.  He's rushed trying to reply to everyone.  I think written letters and snail mail have some advantage here.

Anyway, it sounds like he's enjoying himself.  He placed his first Book of Mormon while street contacting.  He gave it to a guy who said he was 3 weeks clean (off meth) . . . You never know.

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