Tuesday, September 03, 2013

September 3, 2013

Hey family!

Okay first of all before anything, the knife thing. It was an alley with people sitting outside and everything like people’s front doors. You can drive cars in. We were contacting a referral. Then the guy said something and I couldn’t hear him and I asked him if he lived here. He was drunk and walked up to us and said beat it, he didn’t actually pull out the knife. Then the other guy with him told us to leave it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I am being careful and smart so don’t worry. I know I am not invincible.
(Background info on this: Josh told Gavin that someone pulled a knife on him, he didn’t want me to find out but of course I ended up finding out and freaked out so Josh is clarifying what happened :) It sounded a lot worse in the email he sent to Gavin last week!)

This week has been so hot! 100's all week! Our apartment is soo hot, no AC. But we’re doing fine. We each buy a case of water every week, our tap water tastes gross. Everyone always gives us water at the door. We had a very good week, we now have 5 baptismal dates! 4 on the 22nd of September. But we ended the week frustrated because no one came to church. So we are gonna try harder this week to get them to church. Yesterday was a holiday so I was unable to e-mail, all the libraries were closed. We went and played sports all afternoon so it was super fun, volleyball is actually sweet.  Today I am on exchanges in my area so it’s good, I get to learn alot from other the other Elders.

So about the backpack am I sending it home or not? I have postcards and some sick stickers for all of you too. When does the bag come?

On Saturday I got to go on exchanges with the Zone leaders, I went into their area, in La Puente and all El Monte. I got to drive all day too so I loved it. It’s been good we talked about how on your mission you get to see how the Gospel applies to people’s situations and get edified yourself. Which prepares you for your life and experiences. Everyone we teach has different needs and challenges. And all can be helped by the Atonement. 

On Friday we taught Luis and his mom Josefina. We were about to watch the restoration DVD and the lesson completely changed when she brought up a doubt with baptism. It’s hard for these people to change because for many generations they have their religion, mostly catholic. Anyways she has a bad feeling about it but has such a good feeling when we come over. The lesson really was teaching more about baptism and the atonement and testifying to her, it was forsure my most spiritual lesson I have ever had. It was crazy, I could feel so strong how much heavenly father loves her and wants her to come into the fold. At the end of the lesson she prayed for the new date and if the book of Mormon is true. I know that as she continues to ask and shows her desire to know that God will answer.
My love is really growing for the people here, especially as my Spanish is getting better.

In answer to cars and I-pads, they are taking out alot of our cars, alot of biking and bus passes. And I think we are getting i pads in October, it will feel weird but be such a good tool to use. Latinos love videos. It’s funny because the kids here understand both Spanish and English, but usually speak to their parents in English. The parents understand both pretty much but only really speak Spanish. So the conversations between parents and kids are so funny. The parents speak in Spanish to them and the kids answer in English and it’s all normal.

I’ve been really enjoying my personal studies in the morning, my whole view on prophets and the Book of Mormon has completely changed. Its crazy I can’t get enough of it as odd as it sounds. In our area I think we need to work with the members better, we are trying to set up activities and temple trips which I think will help. There is less than 2 weeks before transfer calls, I could leave, who knows. I am really enjoying it here though. My companion is super good, we work together well, and we spend alot of time with the zone leaders and they’re super fun. But I will go wherever the Lord needs me, hopefully LA haha just kidding. I will send the sweet stickers and post cards!

Thanks for all the emails and pictures I hope everything goes well with school!
Love Elder Garry

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